Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baby boy turns 9 months

The love of my life is turning 9 months today. My son is my joy, my inspiration and a daily reminder of the mighty God/Universe in my life. I am so blessed to have been chosen to guide him in life. To experience all things with him. My biggest wish these days is to be the best mother I can be, because mothers are the most powerful instruments in shaping the future. Don't we all carry scars and fond memories related to our mothers? Isn't our whole lives affected by the way we were raised?

I carried my little Kamran (pronounce as Cameron) for 9 months. Today he is turning 9 months. Time flies and it makes me wonder how on earth I'm ever going to survive it all moving so fast forward. I really want this to be slower. I want to enjoy the NOW almost forever. You understand what I mean when/if you are a parent.
On the flip side it is very exciting to see him grow (very tall little person) and learn new tricks and things/words everyday. Amazing how someone wakes up with a smile EVERYYYYYYY day!

Here is a link to celebrate this joyous day. An old friend writing a bit about my musical past and my son. Picture there too, as well as beautiful songs by my former band mate. (It's been over 8 years'm telling ya, time flies...).


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