Tuesday, September 8, 2009


There is a lot of pain behind Gucci glasses and Fendi bags. High brands are fun, don't get me wrong...but only to a certain point. Everything is best balanced in life, so when you see spend time in LA you notice that there is s light imbalance going on, in the land of self-absorption. You tend to see a lot people that hide their smiles behind veneers as well as paint themselves with make-up, instead of touching up. Why do people hide behind their outer persona? Why are we so afraid to be vulnerable? To be our real selves.

I guess it is so much more comfortable to be someone else for a moment. If not that far, then at least carry a brand as if it was a part of my personality. We are afraid of being judged. So we choose the simple ways, the accepted ways, the mainstream lifestyle.

Some people take this fashoin thing dead serious. They live and die for it (literally). They inspire youngsters to only think about style all day. There is so much more to life. When can we start teaching our children to enjoy the moon one night, or smile when they see a rainbow instead?

I do not try to promote fairy tales here (although I do have an affinity for them), but it's just that it is tireing to see every other blog write about fashion fashion fashion. How much attention can you give to the outside, until you start realizing that i so much more fun to live through your inside. Oh wait... probably because pain plays an important role here.

Fashion is fun fun fun... I like it people! but come on...

Facing pain is hard. Sure. All of us can agree on that right... but to sit with pain, is OK. Let's just BREATHE and sit with it, it's ok, we all go through stuff, we come out wiser on the other side of the fence after the battle. But then we have all these lovely women and men, and all they talk about it clothes, shoes, bags, hats, perfumes, make-up, who did this or that.


It's nice, to a degree. I'm a woman. I enjoy taking care of myself and prepping my face and check my outfit for the day and look fierce... but where is the world going when children do not have water to drink and all we are doing is spend all of our energy and money on buyin shit every weekend. Thank God for the recession! Maybe that will force people to re-discover frugality and non-consumer lifestyles.

Woof, woof!

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