Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Have you ever walked in the city....oh how we love the city.... and wondered if we really, truly are free. Besides from all conspiracy theories that I believe in, besides all the crazy buy-use-throw away age we live in... forget about all of that for a second.

Have you ever seen how the trees and the plants in the city behave? They are doing everything in their power to get out of their prison. We have forced them to grown the way WE want to. We force them to stay within a certain area and only to breathe toxic air. Have you seen how the plants grow so far out from the fences sometimes... it is like they are reaching out, they don't want to be confined anymore. They naturally show us how much like a prison the city can be. We love the city... but isn't it some kind of hate-relationship at the core of us? I don't think we really were meant to sit in a car half of our day or breathe gray air or talk shit on the cell phone that is radiating cancer right into our brains. And so the plants silently protest.

And the trees...don't even get me STARTED...the trees are magical. Please read up on trees, you'd be a hippie tree-hugger too if you knew how much they are needed and the way they sustain humanity and the ecological system. Do ya research my friend. Read up. Get powerful in the name of knowledge.

The trees always break the cement. Slowly, we can't even hear it...bu they are always trying to root around and up. They are so mighty. Why can't we give them the love they deserve? I mean we get supplied with oxygen and fruits and shade and beauty and little creatures get to live in the crown, the list could go on for a while.

What the hell, go out and hug a tree or something :) If you sit with your back against one and still your heart and mind you will find yourself extremely energized. Take my word for it.

With love!

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