Monday, September 7, 2009


What is your intent?

Your answer says a lot about you. It tells you where you are going in life and what you are willing to focus your energy on. It shows me hat you think is important and what you wil manifest in your life in the near future.

Intent is straight focus. Intent is power. Intent is not asking.

Intent is CLAIMING. It is your birthright. You can claim whatever it is you want or need on all levels of life in this and other worlds, as long as you create in love, with love and aiming for love. Pure intent is the key to fulfilling your goals, your mission, your life path.

Ask yourself, do you really know what your intentions in this lifetime are? Have you discovered who you truly are so that you can be of service to the rest of this very special human race?

We all have a sacred mission at the heart of us, we just need to focus on where we are directing on intentions, so that we may be able to step up and into the roles we agreed to direct. We have a lot to do, so get going people... I am going to go write about my own intent now in my little diary.


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